The Learning and Development Dilemma: Use what gives the best results, or go with what’s popular?

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So What’s The Book About?

The ultimate goal for many 'learning and development' programs is for the learners to perform to a certain standard or better than they did before, when they're back 'on the job' - in the workplace, on the sporting field or wherever. So it's no surprise, most of these programs contain activities for the learner to practice their skills.

This ebook looks at what type of practice activity (those based on the more common and popular 'blocked learning' or those based on 'mixed learning') helps the learners perform best when they're 'back on the job'. And similarly, looks at the value of programs with these sorts of activities when they're delivered 'all at once', as in a one-day workshop, compared to when they're spread out over a couple of days or even weeks. If we really want our programs to be the best they can, and to deliver the best possible results, we need to know the answer to these questions.

Unfortunately, the sorts of practice activities and delivery modes which give the best results 'down the track' where it really counts, are the least commonly used. Instead, most programs use practice activities and delivery modes which are less effective, and in some cases, probably counterproductive. .

The contents

Introduction. p4 

Section 1: ‘Block learning’ can give quick rewards, but then what? p6
We can learn a lot from how best to teach mathematics. p7
We like to train people for conditions that don’t exist. p11
It’s how you run on race day that counts. p14
Not making mistakes is a big mistake. p17

Section 2: Distributed learning could be the icing on the cake. p20
Why ‘go sleep on it” could be the best advice ever. p21
You might be asleep but your brain’s working overtime. p25
Slow and steady wins the race. p28

Conclusion. p31

About the authors. p34

Contact. p37

About The Authors

Mark McPherson

 Mark has more 40 years experience in the Learning and Development field. He’s designed, delivered and evaluated numerous programs in a wide range of subject areas.
For example, he: designed, had accredited and co-delivered a seven-day residential program for Police on the Management of Alcohol-Related Crime; designed and delivered programs to Hospital Staff on infection control; designed a program for Police in Vietnam and China on how to handle drug affected people to maintain safety of both the officer and the public; and evaluated parenting program
His experience is supported by formal qualifications in science, education, health and psychology - BSc, GradDipEd, GradDipEdStud(Health), MEd, GradDipPsych, DipHyp.
Mark is particularly interested in how to design and implement programs which increase a participant's ability to do their job better when back in the real world, the workplace and 'on the job' - which is after all, where it counts..

Roger Wheller

Roger has been working in education and psychology for most of his life. For example, he’s worked in curriculum design at NSW TAFE, in a cognitive behaviour therapy program design for Vietnam veterans suffering from alcoholism (with the Department of Veteran Affairs) and in a program designed to rehabilitate drink drivers (with the Queensland University of Technology). He is also an accredited table tennis coach.
He’s particularly interested in what makes learning possible and what is the best way to learn. And whether some types of learning instruction are better than others. It will come as no great surprise that the mind has not evolved to master learning in the workplace, the classroom or the sporting field. Over the eons it has had more pressing things on its mind. Survival for starters.
As the evidence has come in, traditional ways of learning have given way, bit by bit, to a revolution in learning. And the revolution continues. And this is where Roger comes in. He spends most of his waking hours researching and documenting this evolving revolution.

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